Discover the Artistic Genius of Eric Sloane, N.A.

Eric Sloane: The Man, The Artist, The Author—A Compelling Invitation to Discover His Remarkable Legacy.

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Uncover the captivating world of Eric Sloane, where his remarkable artistry meets an exclusive marketplace spotlighting his extraordinary artworks.

Discover the Eric Sloane Estate, a place where art meets history, offering an exclusive journey into Eric Sloane's world. Explore the masterpieces of this remarkable artist, each reflecting his profound expertise. Join us in celebrating his enduring legacy.

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  • We share Eric Sloane's world with you, bringing history to life through art.
  • Our extensive knowledge unveils the untold stories behind timeless masterpieces.
  • Elevate your understanding of the art world through our expert curation.
  • Trust in our unrivaled knowledge of art history, cultivated over 30 years of estate management.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started in collecting Eric Sloane art and antiquities?
Learn more about Eric Sloane, N.A. and contact us for guidance on collecting Eric's' exceptional works.
Is there a physical gallery location I can visit?
Yes. You can find us at Michael Wigley Galleries, Ltd. in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Can I learn more about Eric Sloane's life and career on your website?
Absolutely, we offer informative articles and resources about Eric Sloane's life and artistic journey.
Are there any rare Eric Sloane books available in your collection?
Explore our collection for a selection of rare Eric Sloane books that delve into his fascinating life and work.
Are Eric Sloane's artworks available for purchase on this website?
Yes, you can explore and purchase a wide range of Eric Sloane's artworks right here.
Do you offer appraisals and consignment for Eric Sloane pieces?
Yes, we provide professional appraisals and welcome consignments of high-quality Eric Sloane pieces. Contact us.

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